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Love Your Health on Valentine's Day

Celebrate the love of family, friends, and good health.

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day on your own or with someone else, take steps to be a healthy valentine. Challenge yourself to be active, healthy, and smoke-free.

  • Photo: Senior couple making healthy dinnerTreat yourself and loved ones to a heart-healthy meal that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods low in saturated fat and salt.
  • Plan an event that encourages physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Give yourself or your loved ones a favorite healthy alternative to candy.
  • If you smoke, quit smoking. It's a perfect gift for yourself and others.
  • February is American Heart Month. Help raise awareness about heart disease prevention. Encourage yourself and others to learn about how to lower heart disease risk and take action! Join Million Hearts™
  • Learn the most common symptoms of a heart attack. Call 9-1-1 immediately if these symptoms occur.
  • Send a health-e-card to show someone you care about them and their health. Health-e-cards are also available in Spanish!
  • If you prefer a traditional card, include a note that encourages your family and friends to take steps for a healthy life.

More Information

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