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Health Care Reform

Find out how your family may be able to get free services to help you stay healthy.

Introduction to Health Care Reform

The health care reform law passed in 2010 – called the Affordable Care Act – requires many insurance plans to pay for preventive services like shots and screening tests. This means that you and your loved ones may be able to get many important services at no cost to you.

See all of the preventive services that are covered for:

You can also use our myhealthfinder tool to find out which preventive services you or a loved one may need this year.

What is preventive care?

Preventive care helps you stay healthy. Many people think of the doctor as someone to see when they are sick. But doctors also provide services that help keep you from getting sick in the first place.

Preventive services include:

  • Vaccines (shots) that protect your health by preventing diseases and other problems
  • Screenings (medical tests) to check for diseases early when they may be easier to treat
  • Education and counseling to help you make health decisions

Where can I get more information about health care reform?

How can I get insurance?

Use this tool to find an insurance plan that’s right for you.



Get health recommendations based on your age, sex, and pregnancy status.

Use the myhealthfinder Tool