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Center of Excellence for Management and Oversight

TRM Mr. NewmanMr. John W. Newman
Special Assistant Secretary of the Army


To exercise Secretariat supervision, direction, and organization for Army Training, Readiness and Mobilization, and assist the ASA (M&RA) with the oversight of Reserve Affairs matters within the Army.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advises the ASA/M&RA on all matters pertaining to training, readiness and mobilization effecting both Active and Reserve Component personnel.
  • Advises the ASA/M&RA on overall supervision of Reserve Affairs across the Army.
  • Provides daily management of the ASA/M&RA's responsibility and authority to approve all mobilizations of National Guard and Reserve Soldiers.
    • To date we have mobilized well over 400K+ RC Soldiers and have 91,000 on duty today.
  • Tracks trends and developments in contingencies and daily Army operations pertaining to:
    • Size, duration, and intensity
    • Deployments, mobilization and demobilization
    • Readiness and Training resourcing and reporting
    • Integration of AC and RC forces
  • Provides guidance and direction to the Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee (ARFPC)
  • Co-chairs the Training Program Evaluation Group
  • Interfaces with OSD (RA), JCS, and HQDA DCS (G1, G3) on training, readiness, and mobilization.

Organization Overview

Office of the DASA TRM Military Assistant for Training

Office of the DASA TRM Military Assistant for Mobilization

Office of the DASA TRM Military Assistant for Readiness & Integration

Links & Related Websites (Login Required)

An unclassified web based application that automates the First Army (CONUSA) orders production. First Army orders direct the mobilized units to report to their assigned mobilization stations and provide details on dates, funding and demobilization plans. Orders information integrates HQDA order data with CONUSA decisions and in turn drives individual Soldier movement orders production.

An unclassified web based application that automates the individual volunteer approval process. RC Soldiers volunteering for Active Duty individual requests are processed from Soldier to unit to the gaining command and then to DAMPS for HQDA approval. Approved COADOS orders are generated by HRC using DAMPS-OCOIND, where the orders are available instantly to the Soldier via the internet.

An unclassified web based application that produces IMCOM funded overseas contingency operations (OCO) temporary change of station (TCS) orders. These orders provide the authority and funding for Soldiers to deploy in support of contingency operations. Each Soldier's order is generated locally by the Soldier's installation, but the order is available to the Soldier instantly via the internet while IMCOM has accurate, real time funding obligation data for every Soldier from all installations worldwide.

The individual orders production system for Contingency Operations - Active Duty for Operational Support (CO-ADOS) active duty orders. Soldiers issued CO-ADOS orders after 1 OCT 10 can retrieve a copy of their orders from this site using their AKO username and password or CAC and pin.

Tour of Duty
An unclassified web based application that consolidates the worldwide requirements for individual Army RC volunteers on Active Duty. A multifunction application - TOD provides commands seeking volunteers a requirement/mission validation process, a job opening announcement venue, and a candidate screening capability. For Soldiers, TOD enables searching for AD tours worldwide and allows them to initiate the volunteer process for the jobs they qualify for. Once accepted by the gaining command, the request transfers seamlessly to DAMPS-A.

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