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These resources provide recipients with guidance, useful references and other information regarding BTOP rules and Federal regulations. The documents and links provided include workshop materials and training presentations.


These resources provide recipients with presentations, videos, and other information from NTIA-sponsored workshops.

Round 1 Post-Award Recipient Workshop

A total of 159 BTOP award recipient representatives from 107 organizations attended the June 24-25, 2010, workshop in Chicago, Illinois. NTIA staff led presentations and breakout sessions focused on compliance, reporting, planning, and environmental issues. Federal Program Officers (FPOs) also conducted one-on-one meetings with recipients to provide tailored assistance with individual issues. An interactive TalkBack session engaged attendees in sharing best practices, lessons learned, and technical and administrative approaches to anticipated obstacles and challenges.

Round 2 Post-Award Recipient Workshop

Over 350 representatives from more than 170 Round 2 recipient organizations attended the November 9-10 workshop in Herndon, Virginia. Aneesh Chopra, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, presented the keynote speech on Nov. 10 and talked about the importance of working with partners and developing creative applications to use on the networks made possible by BTOP grants. Attendees were also able to share best practices and lessons learned on topics like compliance, reporting, and environmental issues, and have face-to-face meetings with their Federal Program Officers (FPOs).

Mid-Course Workshop for BTOP Awardees

More than 533 representatives from more than 150 BTOP grants attended the October 5-7, 2011, in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the course of the three days, BTOP recipients, Federal officials, and leaders in broadband and adoption participated in discussions covering key topics pertaining to broadband infrastructure deployment, tools for program evaluation, and strategies to drive broadband adoption. Attendees also were able to share best practices and lessons learned on topics like outreach tactics, partnership development, diversified funding, compliance, and close out procedures.

Training Sessions

The following presentations provide BTOP recipients with assistance in complying with grants guidance, and applicable laws and regulations. When available, links to information in other parts of this website are provided.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Reporting



  • BTOP Compliance (November 2010) – Overview of key compliance requirements. Click the box to play video. Access a transcript of the presentation or download the slides

  • Guidance Webinar for Protection of Human Subjects (June 2011) - Overview of guidance and requirements for protection of human subjects. See the Department of Commerce (DOC) Grants Policy and Guidance section for more information.
  • Video Presentation for Davis-Bacon Act Overview Webinar for NTIA-Commerce and USDA-RUS Broadband Grantees (March 2011) posted at - Video presentation (.wmv format) from the Department of Labor's (DOL) Information Related to the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 web page. Provides an overview of the Davis-Bacon Act regulations and labor standards for broadband grantees (No text transcript or equivalent material has been provided by the Department of Labor). To download the presentation slides click here. See the ARRA Guidelines section for more information.
  • Davis-Bacon Webinar for CCI Recipients (August 2012) – Overview of the Davis-Bacon Act as it relates to BTOP grants, including the purpose, and how it affects construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings or public works. See the Webinar Q&A for questions and answers that were collected during this webinar.
  • Close Out Process Webinar for CCI Recipients and PCC/SBA Recipients (July 2012) – Overview of the process for ensuring that all funded project activities are completed and that recipients have met all requirements imposed by applicable laws, regulations, OMB circulars, and award terms and conditions.
  • Federal Security Interest Webinar for CCI Recipients (October 2012): Overview of Federal Security Interest as it relates to BTOP grants, including details about the scope of obligations, documentation requirements, and other related guidance.

Environmental Compliance

Federal Financial Reporting

Nondiscrimination and Interconnection Obligations

Performance Progress Reporting


  • Procurement for PCC/SBA Projects (December 2010) – Overview of relevant Federal rules and regulations, and procurement standards, procedures and methods.
  • Monitoring Subrecipients (February 2011) – Department of Commerce Office of Inspector General presentation on monitoring subrecipients to ensure performance.

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