How the FTC's settlement will change Four Loko's label and packaging

A final FTC order will lead to big changes in the marketing of the Four Loko malt beverage and offers insights into the notice-and-comment process for all proposed administrative settlements.

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Reporting on credit reports

If you’re in the financial field, chances are you’re familiar with the FACT Act (sometimes called FACTA by friends and family).  It’s the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, which amended portions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Research just released by the FTC puts the word “accurate” under the microscope.

Some factoids of interest from the Report to Congress.

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Here Comes Money Boo Boo

No, not the cherubic child star on reality TV.  We’re talking about the serious repercussions of American Tax Relief's misleading claims about substantially reducing what consumers owed in taxes — and major mistakes some businesses make when it comes to the financial consequences of deception.  A look at the settlement offers insights into the breadth of remedies available for violations of the FTC Act and related rules.

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5 top-level takeaways from the FTC staff report on mobile privacy disclosures

To Rat Pack types, "Just in Time" was a swingin' tune Dean Martin sang in the old musical "Bells Are Ringing."  It's still relevant to ringing bells, but now it's in the context of smartphones, tablets — and one of several suggestions the FTC is making to mobile platforms, app developers, ad networks, and others about how and when to disclose key privacy-related information to consumers.  Are you plugged in to what this could mean for your business?

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12 tips toward kick-app mobile security

Before you start marketing your app, let’s go through the TO DO list.

Does it deliver on what you say it can do?  Check.
Have you thought through your marketing strategy?  Check.
Does it look like app stores might be interested?  Check.
Ready?  Not so fast.  There’s an indispensible step you may be overlooking.  But there’s good news:  The FTC has 12 tips to make that task easier.

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