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Academic Centers and Programs

These sites are selected because they include useful educational materials and/or links. This listing is not inclusive. Many of the sites link to course web pages. The sections on Course web pages and Short Courses have been deleted from this site because the links often are removed when the courses end or because the material is no longer current. If you want to find courses or syllabii, use Google to search for Bioethics Courses and/or Short Courses in Bioethics. Send suggested changes and additions to this listing to

bullet 1 Baylor College of Medicine - Center for Ethics, Medicine and Public Issues - The sites includes a bibliography of staff publications

bullet 2 Boston University School of Public Health - Department of Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights - Web site provides links to health law cases, research resources, publications, and academic programs.

bullet 3 University of British Columbia - The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics - An interdisciplinary center that conducts research, trains investigators and consults for private, public, and not-for-profit institutions and groups. Site describes research foci and includes working papers.

bullet 4 University of Buffalo Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care - This site provides information on research ethics, teaching bioethics, and specific topic resources as well as links to other bioethics on-line services and organizations.

bullet 5 Department of Bioethics (DB) of the Walter Grant Magnuson Clinical Center - Conducts research on ethics of research with human subjects; ethics of health policy; and ethical issues in genetics. It provides ethics-related services for the Clinical Center, as well educational courses and seminars. The DB serves the NIH

bullet 6 University of Chicago McLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics – Focus on ethics of clinical research, doctor-patient relationship, ethics of medical innovation and end of life issues.

bullet 7 Columbia University Center for Bioethics at -Site has a blog, job listing, journals, case studies and tutorials, training opportunities and specific subject topics

bullet 8 Cleveland State University - The Bioethics Center -- Established to enhance the visibility of topics in bioethics -- health care ethics, protection of human subjects in health research, health law and policy -- for research, training, and development across disciplines on campus and across professional associations in the community.

bullet 9 Dalhousie University - Health Law Institute, An interdisciplinary Institute of the Faculties of Law, Medicine, Health Professions, and Dentistry. Site includes information on training and on specific projects, e.g. neuroethics, patient safely and end of life.

bullet 10 Emory University Center for Ethics - This site includes material on health policy and scientific integrity. The Program in Health Care and Science Ethics focuses on education of Emory students, research in health care and bioethics-related issues, and connecting with communities.

bullet 11 Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health – The program focuses on ethical issues in population and global health, clinical care and human subjects research. The site lists other resources.

bullet 12 Georgetown University - Kennedy Institute of Ethics - Is devoted to research and teaching in biomedical ethics and other areas of applied ethics. The Institute also houses the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature, produces bibliographic citations relating to bioethics for the online databases at the National Library of Medicine and conducts regular seminars and courses in bioethics.

bullet 13 Indiana University - The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics - Has a listing of electronic networking opportunities, a discussion (chat) service, newsletter, and ethics education activities

bullet 14 Indiana University - The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions - Includes their course book with cases and workshop information on Teaching Research Ethics

bullet 15 Indiana University Center for Bioethics - The Center's mission is to provide leadership to advance the academic and public understanding of bioethics; to inform the development of social and public policy in health, research, and related fields; and to provide support for the provision of ethics services at Indiana University hospitals.

bullet 16 Johns Hopkins - The Berman Institute of Bioethics - Page provides resources on the ethics of stem cell research, international research ethics, and updated news bulletins.

bullet 17University of Houston - Health Law and Policy Institute - Provides HealthPathfinder, a web directory containing hundreds of links for health policy, law, and general health information, research publications, and updated health law news.

bullet 18 Loyola University: The Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy- site provides information on ethics news and events and educational materials. Features materials for skill building in cultural competency and in case consultation as well as resource links.

bullet 19 McGill University Biomedical Ethics Unit – The Clinical Trials Research Group investigate ethical issues in clinical trials.

bullet 20 University of Miami Ethics Programs - Site describes programs in Bioethics, Business Ethics, Genetics and Ethics, Geriatrics and Ethics, Health Research Ethics in the Americas with a focus on Latin American countries, and Health Information Privacy and Security and other areas. Includes links to other sites and information about featured events as well as curriculum.

bullet 21 Michigan State University Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences – Describes their international ethics program. Publishes a quarterly Medical Humanities Report with articles on bioethical issues.

bullet 22 University of Michigan Bioethics Program – Focuses on education and research in health policy, economics and management, culture race and gender, research ethics and integrity, decision making and communication and other topics.

bullet 23 University of Minnesota- Center for Bioethics - Dedicated to advancing the understanding of bioethics, the Center provides online access to media links featuring faculty comments and articles, summaries and in-depth publications on current topics, and information on education and research in bioethics at the University of Minnesota.

bullet 24 Centre for Bioethics of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal - Programs include filmed cases and discussions, publications, research and consultation.  A focus is on emerging ethical issues in telehealth.

bullet 25 Univerisity of North Carolina Academic Integrity – Provides resources for teaching integrity

bullet 25 Oregon Health Sciences University Center for Ethics in Health Care – Site provides education and resource materials on preparing for death and dying.

bullet 26 University of Otago Bioethics Centre – Site describes activities and research areas such as quality of life of patients with advanced cancer, end of life issues, protection of rights of vulnerable groups, euthanasia, rationing high cost medicine, ethics and genetics. The site lists current grants to study areas such as medical ethics in China, ethics of social engineering in China, and perceptions of Maori and Pakeha of emerging technologies.

bullet 27 University of Pennsylvania - Center for Bioethics - Sponsors Site also provides a departmental newsletter, press releases, and information on academic programs.

bullet 28 University of Pittsburgh - Center for Bioethics and Health Law - Site provides a comprehensive listing of academic institutions involved in bioethics.

bullet 29 Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics – Provides newsletter, description of research and interest group areas and links to topical resources.

bullet 30 SUNY Upstate Medical University – Center for Bioethics and Humanities- Provides links to resources and information about ongoing research.

bullet 31 University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics – Site includes archived seminars, key research areas, an e-newsletter and resource links in research, education and consultation.

bullet 32 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Program in Ethics in Science and Medicine - This site provides case studies, course information, and links to news sites, academic institutions, and search programs.

bullet 33 University of Utah Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities– Includes responsible science course, news, cases and links to resources.

bullet 34 University of Washington Ethics in Medicine – This site provides resources identified in a Bioethics Education Project. It also provides tools for research and case analysis methodologies and links to other organizations as well as information on specific topics.


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Educational Resources and Sites

bullet 35 Applied Ethics Resources on the World Wide Web - Hosted by The EthicsWeb is a collection of ethics-related web sites, run by philosopher-ethicist Chris MacDonald

bullet 36 Bio and Medical Research Ethics Web Page - Columbia University Health Sciences Division - Provides a list of links to federal and nonfederal research ethics sites and documents.

bullet 37 - A virtual library and resources on specific issues including cloning, genetics, and assisted suicide. Site features the American Journal Bioethics, links to jobs and events, and a blog.

bullet 38 The Center for the Study of Bioethics of the Medical College of Wisconsin - Has web-based coursework, a bioethics on-line service with abstracts and other sources from the bioethics literature, and resources related to bioethics education, research and scholarship, consultation and community service.

bullet 39 Columbia University Office for Responsible Conduct of Research - Has news, information, tutorials and other resources designed to foster research integrity.

bullet 40 Dissertations in Biomedical Ethics – This site sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Health Library System lists dissertations in biomedical ethics. It is updated monthly.

bullet 41 Educational Opportunities in Bioethics- A listing of degree programs and other educational opportunities in Bioethics in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States. The site is maintained by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

bullet 42 Ethics in Medicine - University of Washington School of Medicine - Includes links to principles and topics in medical ethics.

bullet 43 Ethics Updates - A site maintained by Lawrence M. Hinman at the University of San Diego dedicated to applied ethics and ethical theory for ethics students.

bullet 44 Genetics Education Center - University of Kansas Medical Center - This web site is designed for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project.

bullet 45 Library and Information Services - Provides resources for bioethics research, and links to the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature, the Bioethics Information Retrieval Project, the National Information Resource on Ethics and Human Genetics, and the National Bioethics Advisory Commission Digital Archive. Maintained by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

bullet 45 Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science - Maintained by Case Western Reserve University provides ethical codes of conduct, case studies, and resources on research ethics.

bullet 46 Princeton University Bioethics Forum - Contains links to educational resources, post-bac opportunities, specific issues in bioethics.


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