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Carrying out top-notch science to improve human health isn’t enough. NIH must also reduce the burden that we impose on the natural systems that support us. Vaccines and new drugs are important. So are clean water, clean air and sustainable use of resources. There are a number of environmental laws that apply to us, both in terms of how we conduct our business and in the items we buy to support our mission. NIH intends to follow all of them. The information provided in the links below give us the information and tools to do this.

Green Purchasing at NIH: A thorough guide to green purchasing from the Office of Research Facilities.

Office of Federal Environmental Executive on Green Purchasing: Perhaps the most comprehensive information source on Green Purchasing on the web.

Green Purchasing Training: All members of the acquisition workforce are required to take Green Purchasing training every two years. This includes all 1102s, 1105s, 1106s, Project Officers, Program/Project Managers, Purchase Card Holders, Card Approving Officials and all Contracting Officers regardless of series.

HHS Guidance on Green Purchasing: The Knownet site with many links to regulations and best practices.

EPEAT: Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. This is tool for finding the computers, laptops and monitors that inflict the least harm on the environment during their production, use and disposal.

Federal Electronics Challenge: HHS is participating in this challenge to improve our environmental performance regarding purchase, operation and disposal of computers, printers, monitors and such.

HHS Environmentally Preferable Purchasing policy (Download Acrobat Reader).: This is the policy document implementing the requirement to buy products that are less damaging to the environment. It applies to all purchases, both above and below the micropurchase level.

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