Q- Where can I find a wealth of information about acquisition training and certification at NIH?

A- Visit the Acquisition Career Programpage for more information.

Q- How do I sign up for an acquisition or COR course?

A- Visit the Acquisition Trainingpage for information regarding acquisition training and the CORpage for information.

Q- How do I receive a FAC-C Certification?

A- You complete an application which goes to the Department for approval. See the acquisition certificationspage for details.

Q- How do I get a warrant?

A- First, get certified (see above), then have your office request a warrant for you. Note that this is typically Contract Specialists above $25,000, and to Purchasing Agents up to $25,000. See the Warrantspage for more information.

Q- How do the 1102 Qualification Standards work?

A- Visit the 1102 Qualificationpage for more information.

Q- How does the requirement for Skills Currency training for 1102s effect me?

A- Visit the Skills Currencypage for more information.

Q- How do I get a Purchase Card?

A- Purchase cards are processed through Purchase Card Office in OLAO. Please visit their website at: http://olao.od.nih.gov/or you can contact the Purchase Card office at: CreditCard@od.nih.gov