Back to Exercise After a Break

Life can sometimes get in the way of your physical activity routine. Whether it’s a vacation, illness, or other commitment that interrupted your exercise schedule, you can start again and be successful. Some creative thinking and a firm belief in yourself may be all you need to get moving again.

 Believe in yourself.

  • Think about the reasons you started exercising and how much you’ve already accomplished.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has times when they don’t want to exercise, it feels too hard, or it just can’t happen for one reason or another.

Try to get back to your activities as soon as possible.

  • Start again at a comfortable level and gradually build back up to where you were.
  • Try something easier or that takes less time, or try an activity you haven’t done before. Getting back into the routine with something simple or new may give you the boost you need.
  • Think creatively about ways to be active. When your grandchildren visit, take them with you when you go for your walk. If bad weather is keeping you indoors, try working out with an exercise video. If you’re recovering from a sprained ankle, try exercises you can do sitting down.

Get support for your efforts.

  • If you stopped exercising because of injury or illness, talk with your doctor about when you can resume and which activities are best.
  • Ask family and friends to help. You may want an exercise buddy or just a word of encouragement from someone who knows you well.
  • Your exercise class teacher or trainer may be able to give you the motivation you need.