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NCI Intramural Faculties and Working Groups

Information for Chairs

1) Goals

The NCI intramural faculties and working groups are dynamic teams that provide a forum for scientists working in different areas of research to engage one another to promote interaction and communication. The goals are to:

  • Promote translational and interdisciplinary research
  • Develop new technologies and resources
  • Enhance mentoring, recruitment and training of fellows
  • Improve communication through retreats and seminars
  • Sponsor visiting scientists
  • Provide strategic planning and oversight
  • Advise NCI leadership on important and innovative programs critical to the success of the NCI Intramural Program.
2) Updating Your Group's Web site

Each faculty or working group is responsible for periodically updating the content on their Wiki Web site. Chairpersons should send their updates to Sue Fox. If you (or one of your members) would like editing access to your group's Wiki site, please contact Sue Fox.  Sue will set up access and arrange individualized Wiki training, if requested.

Each faculty/working group Wiki site has been set up using a common template that was created for all NCI intramural groups. Additional Web pages/links can be added to a site, depending on your group's specific requirements.

Section 508 Compliance

All faculty/working group chairs are responsible for ensuring that their Wiki Web site is in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. All Wiki sites have been developed to comply with this law; however, it is the responsibility of each Chair to ensure that their Wiki site remains in compliance.

Section 508 requires that all Web site content be equally accessible to people with disabilities. This applies to Web applications, Web pages, and all attached files (e.g., PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, multimedia). Section 508 applies to intranet as well as public-facing Web pages.

To learn more about Section 508, visit

Questions about Section 508 can be directed to Sue Fox

3) Communicating with Your Members

To set up an NIH listserv for your faculty/working group or to update your NIH listserv (i.e., add or remove a member), contact Ave Cline.

Each faculty or working group has its own NIH listserv. A list of all NCI faculty and working group listservs can be viewed on the Listservs page.

To send a message to your members:

  1. Click on the listserv link for your group.
  2. Compose a message.
  3. Click Send.

The e-mail will be first be forwarded to one of CCR’s 2 listserv moderators (see below). The moderator reviews each message prior to mass distribution to filter out inappropriate messages such as vendor solicitations, SPAM, etc. After the moderator has approved the message, it will be sent out to your members.

CCR Listserv Moderators

Ave Cline
Davida Bilgrad

4) Conference Planning

Any CCR group (i.e., Center of Excellence, Faculty, Working Group) can request assistance in planning/logistics for conferences, retreats, workshops, symposia and other activities sponsored by the group. Please note several new policies are in place that affect these activities.

1)  All requests for CCR Office of the Director (OD)-funded conference support must be submitted via the CCR Resource Request System (RRS). Your RRS request will be reviewed and either approved/disapproved by CCR senior management.

2)  All meetings must get approved by NCI leadership.

3)  Appropriated funds shall not be used to purchase meals, light refreshments, or beverages for conferences or meetings conducted under any acquisition vehicle see HHS memorandum

4)  NIH shall conduct its meetings and hosted or sponsored conferences in space controlled by the Federal Government wherever practicable and cost effective.

5)  NIH/HHS will also be required to publicly post conference spending reports each January, detailing the previous years' conference costs.

Access to the RRS is through the CCR Portal. New users should contact Ave Cline or Sue Fox re: how to set up your CCR login account and obtain access to the RRS system and/or other CCR management information systems.

Questions re: meeting planning support may be directed to Romi Sawhney, Tel: 301.451.2277 in the CCR Office of the Director (CCR OD).

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