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Measurement of Cancer Costs Workshop:

Combining Epidemiology & Economics for Measurement of Cancer Costs

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), the University of Roma Tor VergataExternal Web Site Policy, and the Institute for Research on Population & Social Policies (IRPPS)External Web Site Policy co-sponsored a workshop, Combining Epidemiology & Economics for Measurement of Cancer Costs, September 21 - 24, 2010, in Villa Mondragone, Italy.

Due to changes in cancer-related risk factors, improvements in diagnostic procedures and treatments, and the aging of the population in most developed countries, cancer accounts for a major and increasing proportion of national health care expenditures. Measuring the burden of disease is of great interest to public health researchers and policy makers.

The objectives of this international and interdisciplinary meeting that included health-economists, statisticians and epidemiologists from multiple European countries, the US and Canada, were to:

  1. compare and discuss different methodologies developed in country-specific contexts, in terms of data availability, prevention and health care policies, and health care systems; and
  2. improve a dialogue among fields of research and among countries with the common aim to estimate present and future burden and costs of cancer.

By examining the current approaches to cancer cost determination we will try to answer questions about whether it is feasible to look for a standardized evaluation method and the potential advantages, limitations, and challenges in developing standardized methods and estimates.

View the workshop agenda and request copies of the presentations.

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17 Nov 2010
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