Address Management System Information – 13XG016DR000

  • Directorate:
  • Delivery and Post Office Operations
  • Program Area:
  • Delivery & Post Office Operations
  • Responsible Postal Official:
  • Start Date:
  • 01-03-2013
  • Estimated Report Date:


As the Postal Service continues to process mail on automated equipment, the quality of address information is critically important to the process. Mail that automated equipment cannot process requires manual processing, which is less efficient and is costly to the Postal Service. A national review strategy that ensures correct and complete address information is maintained in the AMS to help the Postal Service reduce unnecessary operational costs.

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  1. The quality of this address database is maintained through information exchange between skilled staff at delivery units and management personnel, which have resulted in improved address quality.
    However, changes are being planned to remove the exchange between skilled staff and management personnel to unskilled staff who must go through a training process.
    Do you think this change from the use of skilled to unskilled staff that must go through a training process impact the quality of the U.S. Postal Service address database information?
    If so, how?

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