Rural Delivery Timekeeping – 13XG014DR000

  • Directorate:
  • Delivery and Post Office Operations
  • Program Area:
  • Delivery & Post Office Operations
  • Responsible Postal Official:
  • Start Date:
  • 01-02-2013
  • Estimated Report Date:


Our survey objective is to detemine if timekeeping for rural carriers is efficient and effective. Timekeeping is the function of recording and verifying time worked by employees of the Postal Service. Every employee has responsibility for timekeeping in one form or another. Employees must make correct and appropriate time entries. Supervisors must review time entries to ensure accuracy so employees are paid properly. Correct timekeeping procedures minimize the risk of improperly compensating employees.


  1. pilgrim /

    Rural Carriers are paid based on an evaluation system….If your premiss is that rural carriers may be improperly paid, I’d suggest you check out the Christmas season and see how much you would owe rural carriers then…
    Actually your statement on the purpose of your project seems to be absolutely clueless as to the rural pay system. I really don’t see any reason for this study. Where is the benefit of it?

  2. jrkakapastateradio /

    Ahhhhhh… We are talking about rural delivery, so the assumption is that a vehicle is the common denominator.
    So there exists an average delivery product “t” out there.
    X times Y + [Z] = t

  3. Cindy Dailey /

    Again, I have to ask. Is this a serious question? Does anyone who makes the decisions on how things should be recorded or how times are kept ever spent more than an hour on the work room floor of a post office? Is their pay decided upon how many deliveries they make or the amount of time spent doing it?

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