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NIH Document Generation System (DGS) Team

About DGS Team

The Document Generation System (DGS) Team maintains contract and solicitation clauses and provisions (also known as “Workforms”) for use by the NIH Acquisition community. This includes:

  • Maintenance and update of the content of the workforms.
  • Maintenance and update of the Contract and Solicitation Handbook files in Word format with each workform update.
  • Issuance of NIH-wide e-mail notification (1102 List Serve) advising NIH contract community of the specific revisions made to the workforms for each DGS update.
  • Maintenance of an Intranet website for NIH Acquisition Staff which provides access to the updated Handbook files; Workform Attachment files; Commercial Items Clauses; and Simplified Clause Listing (52.213-4) in Word format.
  • Maintenance of an Internet website for offerors and contractors which provides reference information for use in proposal and contract deliverable submission.
  • Establishing and leading an NIH-wide Workform Users Group to include representatives from each COAC.

Team Lead

Tish Best, 6100 Executive Blvd/6E01R; Phone: 301-496-8005; Email: