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Cleared Concepts
Cleared Concepts for Requests for Applications & Program Announcements
Specific information on each initiative, including receipt date, will be available once the Request for Applications (RFAs) or Program Announcements (PAs) has been published. This page provides links to recent concepts cleared for upcoming solicitations and presents key information, including the objectives and descriptions of future solicitations and a direct link to NCI staff contacts. The NCI staff contacts can provide additional information on specific concepts, where available and appropriate. This listing of potential future initiatives is meant to provide the earliest possible alert to potential applicants in order to maximize application preparation time. While the NCI plans to proceed with these initiatives, their publication and timing is not certain and depends on sufficient funds being available. The titles and brief descriptions are consistent with the information available at the time of concept clearance. The resultant RFAs and PAs may differ from the concepts in the final wording of the titles or other aspects.