NINR Supported Grants

Lists of NINR-funded grants  from FY 1986 to the present are available through NIH’s RePORTER tool, available at:

To view lists of NINR-supported grants, follow these steps: 

  1. Next to “Agency/Institute/Center”, click the blue “Select>” box. In the new window that appears, uncheck the box next to “All Agencies.”  Then scroll down and check the box next to “Nat’l Inst of Nursing Research (NINR).” Then, click the blue “Select” box below the list of organizations.
  2. On the main RePORTER screen, under Agency/Institute/Center, click the radio button next to “Funding.”
  3. The user can narrow the query to a particular fiscal year by entering a number in the search field next to “Fiscal Year (FY).” The user can also select one or multiple fiscal years by clicking on the blue “Select” box next to the fiscal year search field.
  4. To run the query, click the “Submit Query” button below the search fields. The query results can be exported to MS Excel by clicking the “Export” button on the upper-right of the search results table. 

Full instructions for using RePORTER can be found on the RePORTER website (

Core Centers/Centers of Excellence (P30)
Core Centers/Centers of Excellence support investigators and institutions with several years of demonstrated research success.  More...

Exploratory Centers (P20)
P20 Exploratory Centers support the initial enhancement of capacity at institutions with emerging research programs.  More...

Institutional Training Programs (T32)
The NINR T32 Award Program enables institutions with schools of nursing to make NRSA awards to individuals for predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in areas such as acute and chronic illness across the life span, focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, health disparities, HIV/ AIDS, aging, caregiving, management of symptoms, self-management, and care at the end of life.  More...

NIH RePORTER is a searchable database of research projects funded by NIH and many other agencies of the Federal government. You may search by any combination of the following: topic, PI name, Institute or Center, fiscal year, type of grant activity (research, training, career, SBIR, and so on).  More...

NINR/NIH Collaborative Research Activities

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