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Child disruptive behavior and parenting efficacy: a comparison of the effects of two models of insights

  • Previous research suggests that disruptive behavior in early childhood is associated with later delinquency and school failure.
  • Identification of strategies to reduce the likelihood of such behavior would serve the interests of the children, their parents, schools, and society-at-large.
  • Building on an existing community partnership, the authors found that a  comprehensive temperament-based preventive intervention could reduce disruptive behaviors of urban children at risk for developing more serious behavioral disorders.
  • As part of the interventions, parents learned to recognize their child’s temperament and understand how temperament influences children’s behavior.
  • Importantly, changes in parenting attitudes may be a critical mechanism in preventive interventions and a collaborative intervention focused on awareness of—and responsiveness to—child temperament may be particularly helpful to children with challenging temperaments.


O’Connor, E., Rodriguez, E., Cappella, E., Morris, J., McClowry, S. (2012). Child Disruptive Behavior and Parenting Efficacy: A Comparison of the Effects of Two Models of Insights. J Community Psychol. 2012 July; 40(5): 555–572.


R01 NR004781


Sandee Graham McClowry, RN, PhD, FAAN

Erin O’Connor, Ed.D.

New York University

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