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Center for Cancer Research National Cancer Institute
Office of Clinical and Preclinical Development Partnerships

About the Office


The Office of Clinical and Preclinical Development Partnerships’ mission is to assist the Center for Cancer Research’s (CCR) Directors, scientific investigators and senior staff with the building of critical partnerships and collaborations that facilitate reaching goals in the areas of cancer and AIDS research. The Office serves as the CCR, Office of the Director’s liaison with the NCI Technology Transfer Center, NIH Office of Technology Transfer, NCI Ethics Office and HHS Office of General Counsel for the Center’s Directors, senior staff, and other members of the CCR scientific and administrative community with a focus on issues relating to collaborative agreements/ partnerships, ethics, and administrative policy.  The Office aims to support and facilitate basic, translational, and clinical collaborations that best ensure that CCR efficiently develops new medical technologies and research objectives while maintaining compliance with applicable policy and regulations.

Areas of Focus:

Liaison* The Office of Clinical and Preclinical Development Partnerships serves as an Office of the Director (OD) liaison with the Office of General Counsel, Office of Technology Transfer, NCI Technology Transfer Center (TTC), NCI Ethics Office for the Center's Directors, senior staff and others members of the CCR scientific and administrative community on issues relating to collaborative agreements, ethics, and administrative policy.

  • The Office works with TTC in the promotion of technology transfer training outreach within the CCR. The Office works closely with the NCI Ethics Office to ensure that CCR staff are in compliance with current ethics training, regulatory, and policy requirements.
  • The Office facilitates the communication, flow of information, and tracking and approval of required documents between the CCR OD and the TTC and NCI Ethics.

Tech Transfer* The Office works closely and partners with TTC to facilitate the CCR OD by reviewing CCR patent filing decisions, promoting technology, supporting key technology development initiatives, and facilitating industrial basic, clinical, and translational research collaborations.

  • The Office works with NIH technology transfer representatives to discuss technology initiatives and issues, including complex interagency collaborations, memorandums of understanding, clinical trial agreements, and technology development and management.
  • The Office works to organize meetings with outside entities seeking to engage in collaborations with the CCR including: domestic and international industry, academia, and government.
  • The Office serves as part of the CCR team that meets with industry representatives to establish partnerships in development, diagnostic development, and interchange between governments.

Congressional* The Office stays abreast of current Congressional, NIH, and NCI regulations as well as policies and procedures that impact the CCR.

Communications* The Office serves as a member of CCR outreach brainstorming committees to review promotion or outreach strategies and plans.

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