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I recently hired a new office manager. In addition, we will be moving next week. Should I submit that information now or wait to update this when I receive a revalidation request?

There have been no changes to Medicare enrollment update filing timelines. Providers and suppliers should continue to submit routine changes-address updates, reassignments, additions to practices, changes in authorized officials, information updates and similar changes to their office or group practices-- as they always have done and in a timely manner. Providers and suppliers may continue to submit changes like address changes to Medicare no sooner than 30 days from when they expect to start billing at a new location. If the provider also receives a request for revalidation from the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), the provider should separately respond to that request. If the provider or supplier has any questions about the need to complete the revalidation application, the provider or supplier should contact their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

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