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Website Policies & Important Links

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is posted at

Questions about NIH privacy policies should be sent to the NIH Privacy Act Officer.


Accessibility Policy

Our Accessibility Policy is posted at

If you are an NIDCD employee in need of assistance with accessibility issues, please contact the NIDCD Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.


FOIA: The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides individuals with a right to access records in the possession of the federal government. Each of NIH's Institutes and Centers has its own Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator. More general information about the Act can be found on the NIH FOIA Home Page.

Read the entire Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Document 5 U.S.C. 552.

Contact the NIDCD’s FOIA Coordinator.


Linking Policy

Linking to Other Sites

Although organizations are welcome to link to the NIDCD website, NIDCD policy limits our own outside links. We link primarily to other federal government agencies and selected grantees, and selected organizations that provide useful information on communication disorders. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. In addition, we provide links to the developers of tools that assist visitors in using website technology (for example, software to read PDFs).

The NIDCD provides external links solely for our users' information and convenience. When users select a link to an outside website, they are leaving the NIDCD site and are subject to the privacy limitations and policies of the owners/sponsors of that website. the NIDCD cannot control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information contained on a linked website. The NIDCD does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites, and does not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer. The NIDCD cannot guarantee that outside websites comply with Section 508 (Accessibility Requirements) of the Rehabilitation Act.

Review of Links

The links provided on the NIDCD website are reviewed at least each quarter, or more frequently as required by management and/or relevant regulation changes. The review is intended to ensure that links are still operational and valuable.

If you encounter a link that is no longer operational, please report the error to us.

Linking to the NIDCD Website

We encourage you to use these instructions to link to the NIDCD website.


Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise stated, the information on this site is not copyrighted and is in the public domain. It is free for the public to use, copy, and distribute. You may encounter documents that were sponsored along with private companies or other organizations. Those documents will have statements that protect them under U.S. and foreign copyright laws.

Some NIDCD web pages provide links to other websites that operate independently of the NIDCD. The NIDCD is not responsible for the availability or content of other sites. Permission to reproduce information at other sites may be required. The NIDCD does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the information, services, or products described or offered at these external sites.


The No FEAR Act

The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act (Public Law No. 107-174) became effective on October 1, 2003. Its intent is to increase federal agency accountability for acts of discrimination or reprisal against employees. This act requires that federal agencies post on their public websites certain summary statistical data relating to equal employment opportunity complaints filed against the respective agencies.

In accordance with this act, statistical information relating to NIH equal employment opportunity complaints is available on the NIH/OEODM website.


Information Quality Guidelines

The NIDCD is a trusted source of information on communication disorders. Read more about NIH’s information quality guidelines.


Schedule for Publishing Information on This Website

We post information as available, unless otherwise required by law. Some areas of the NIDCD website are updated daily while others are updated less frequently.