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DGS General Clauses

#Clause ListLast Modified
1Architect and Engineering Contract12/20/2012
2Fixed-Price Construction Contract12/20/2012
3Fixed-Price Research and Development SBIR Phase I Contract12/20/2012
4Fixed-Price Research and Development SBIR Phase II Contract12/20/2012
5Cost-Reimbursement SBIR Phase II Contract12/20/2012
6Negotiated Cost-Reimbursement Contract W_Educational Institution12/20/2012
7Negotiated Cost-Reimbursement Contract w_Non-Profit12/20/2012
8Negotiated Cost-Reimbursement Research and Development Contract12/20/2012
9Negotiated Cost-Reimbursement Service Contract12/20/2012
10Negotiated Cost-Reimbursement Supply Contract12/20/2012
11Negotiated Fixed-Price Research and Development Contract12/20/2012
12Negotiated Fixed-Price Service Contract12/20/2012
13Negotiated Fixed-Price Supply Contract12/20/2012
14Sealed Bid Construction Contract12/20/2012
15Sealed Bid Service Contract12/20/2012
16Sealed Bid Supply Contract12/20/2012
17Time and Material or a Labor Hour Contract12/20/2012
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