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Are you a DC government employee appointed before January 1, 1980? If so, you may be eligible for Federal competitive status and eligible for reinstatement or transfer to competitive federal jobs.

Although the entire DC Government became a separate municipal personnel system under terms of the Home Rule Act on January 1, 1980, permanent competitive appointments made prior to January 1, 1980, in the following DC Government agencies confer Federal competitive status. Those agencies established by law as part of the Federal competitive service are:

  • Department of Correction, except the Office of the Director;
  • Department of Manpower;
  • Department of Housing and Community Development, except for the Building and Zoning Regulation Administration;
  • Office of Emergency Preparedness in the Executive Office of the Mayor;
  • Office of the Recorder of Deeds, except the Recorder;
  • Unemployment Compensation Board; and
  • Department of Human Resources in the following administrations:
Health Services;
Vocational Rehabilitation;
Veterans Affairs;
Hospitals and Medical Care; and
Narcotics Treatment.

Review of the DC Government Appointment Document Needed In determining an applicant’s eligibility, Federal agencies will review a copy of the appointment SF 50, Notification of Personnel Action, or equivalent official DC Government document. Applicants claiming competitive status for transfer or reinstatement should enclose a copy of their appointment document with their application or resume. Check directly with the hiring agency personnel office for further information.

Please note that most DC Government appointments made prior to January 1980, do not confer Federal competitive status and reinstatement or transfer eligibility, since even prior to 1980, most DC Government agencies and administrations were units of municipal government outside the Federal competitive service.

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