Common Questions

1. I’m not particularly active, and I haven’t exercised in years. Is it safe for me to start now?

2. I have a medical condition (such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease). Is it safe for me to exercise?

3. Isn’t it better for older adults to “take it easy” and save their strength?

4. How much physical activity do I need?

5. How hard should I exercise?
6. How long do I need to be active before I see results?
7. Do I get enough physical activity in my regular day-to-day activities?
8. I’m healthy now. Why do I need to be active?
9. I find it hard to make myself be active. What can I do?
10. How do I find time to be active?
11. What kind of equipment do I need? I can’t afford exercise equipment.
12. What if I have an injury or health problem that keeps me from exercising for a while? How do I know if it’s safe for me to start again?
13. I get tired easily. What is the best physical activity for me?
14. I’ve been exercising for some time now. Why am I not seeing any more real improvements?
15. I’m 81 years old. Should I be exercising, and will it make a difference at my age?
16. What kinds of shoes are best for walking or other types of physical activity?
17. Do I need to do other exercises in addition to my usual walking routine?
18. Is it better to join an exercise class or group, or exercise on my own?
19. If I’m overweight or obese, what kinds of physical activity can I do?
20. I don’t do any kind of physical activity, but I watch my diet and I’m not overweight. Isn’t that enough?