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Soldiers and their Families need to plan their military retirement long before the application for retirement is submitted. Not to have a planned retirement in many cases results in a less than happy retirement or cases of making mistakes that could have been avoided.

Changing from military to civilian life-styles is not always an easy task, but planning can be a big help. It is not only the fact that upon military retirement, Families change locations (often to areas where they know few people if any out side of Family members), change careers, and change life styles. The simple matter of moving from government quarters where the government took care of repair and maintenance, to one’s own home where repair and maintenance is an individual responsibility is not always simple.

At least 12-24 months before planned retirement, a Soldier and Family members should attend a pre-retirement orientation provided by an Installation Retirement Services Officer. There is no prohibition to attending one long before a retirement application is submitted and another shortly before an actual retirement date.

The information provided here is designed to help Soldiers and Families prepare for retirement. We hope this Web site helps you fit retirement planning into your busy schedule. When you can, please arrange to take time to visit your Retirement Services Office (RSO) for more information.

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  • 63rd RSC Region.
    Event POC: SFC(P) Rosa Fale

    21 July 2012: 63rd HQ, Mountain View, CA
    22 Sept 2012: Joint Brief at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA
    29 Sept 2012: 75th HQ, Houston, TX
  • 81st RSC Region.
    Event POCs: CPT Maya Troupe or MSG Anthony Harris.

    14 July, 2012: Puerto Rico
    15 Sept, 2012: GA
    15 Dec, 2012: FL
    Retirement Services Officer
    1525 Marion Ave.
    Fort Jackson, South Carolina 29207
    Office: (803)751-9865
    FAX: (803)751-3152
  • 88th RSC Region.
    Event POC: CPT Micah Perkins

    4 August 2012: Springfield, IL
    11 August 2012: Columbus, OH.
    20 October 2012: Camp Ripley, MN
    20 October 2012: Buckley Air Force Base, CO
    3 November 2012: Ft. Douglas, UT
    10 November 2012: Ft. Custer, MI
    8 December 2012: Darien, IL
    Retirement Services Officer
    60 South O Street
    Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin 54656-5138
  • 99th RSC Region.
    Event POC: MAJ Arthur Nowell

    18 August, 2012: FT Totten, New York
    Retirement Service Office
    5231 S Scott Plaza
    FT Dix, New Jersey 08640-5730
    Office: (609)562-1696
    FAX: 609-562-7981/7632

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For individual questions regarding Retirement, please contact your Retirement Services Officer.