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Data Sharing & Intellectual Capital (DSIC) Workspace

The mission of the DSIC Workspace is to facilitate data sharing between and among caBIG® participants by addressing legal, regulatory, policy, proprietary, and contractual barriers to data exchange. Our primary goals are to develop recommendations for policies, procedures, and best practices, prepare white papers and comment letters on proposed policies and guidelines, develop problem scenarios that illustrate issues confronted by caBIG® participants, support reviews of caBIG® tools under development, and provide education and outreach to caBIG® participants, their IRBs and their technology transfer offices. The members of the DSIC Workspace include biomedical researchers, clinicians, technology transfer experts, intellectual property and regulatory attorneys, policy specialists, patient advocates, bioethicists and bioinformaticists. Learn more about caBIG® Data Sharing.

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Workspace Schedule

General Workspace Meetings
1st Thursday of each month
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

DSIC Workspace Products

DSIC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - INACTIVE

Proprietary SIG (Inactive): The Proprietary SIG (PropSIG) is part of the DSIC Workspace and is concerned with intellectual property matters that affect both the distribution of open source software and data sharing.

Regulatory SIG (Inactive): The Regulatory SIG (RegSIG) is focused on legal, regulatory and policy issues relating to human subjects research, IRBs, patient privacy, and data security.

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