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Loss Data Collection Exercise (LDCE)

The 2004 Operational Risk Loss Data Collection Exercise (LDCE) is a voluntary survey that asks banking organizations to report the amount of individual operational losses as well as certain descriptive information regarding each loss (e.g., date, business line, loss type, etc.). The survey asks banks to report all losses that occurred on or before June 30, 2004 or September 30, 2004 – consistent with the data used for the capital amounts that a bank reports for operational risk in QIS4.

The LDCE should provide supervisors with the ability to assess the extent to which the QIS4 results are driven by internal loss data and the factors that an institution considers in its modeling approaches and qualitative risk assessments.

The agencies have requested institutions to respond to the survey by November 22, 2004.

Background, Instructions & Spreadsheets

Background and Instructions (PDF)
Instructions and Spreadsheets (XLS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - updated 2/9/2005
Note: These questions and answers are intended for LDCE purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Contacts for High-Level Questions:

Contact Phone Number Email
Kevin Bailey 202-874-6633 kevin.bailey@occ.treas.gov
Roger Cole 202-452-2618 roger.cole@frb.gov
Eric Hirschhorn 202-906-7350 eric.hirschhorn@ots.treas.gov
Mark Schmidt 202-898-3989 MaSchmidt@FDIC.gov

Contacts for Specific Questions Regarding Data Submission:

Patrick deFontnouvelle 617-973-3659 patrick.defontnouvelle@bos.frb.org
Preston Thompson 617-973-3143 preston.thompson@bos.frb.org