Economists at the Joint Committee on Taxation have the unique opportunity to participate in the tax legislation process, helping to design changes in the nation's tax laws. If you have an interest in having an influence on how the government levies taxes to finance its activities, the Joint Committee is one of the two places in the federal government where a group of economists have direct influence on tax policy. Besides working with other economists who have a uniquely deep knowledge of the interaction between economics and taxation, you'll also have the chance to work with some of the brightest tax attorneys and accountants in the nation.

As an economist at the Joint Committee, you will have the chance to work on both short-term and long-term projects. You will have unparalleled access to tax data, supported by excellent computing and software resources. While there are plenty of "routine" working days, it is also not unusual to come in to the office and find that a new project awaits your attention, requiring you to rapidly become familiar with new issues. The coming few years should be particularly interesting for tax policy, with major portions of the tax code expiring, major health care reform initiatives from Presidential candidates and Congress, and, in particular, continued pressure to reform the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Some of the specific tasks performed by economists at JCT include: analyzing the effect of a tax proposal on federal revenues, given taxpayers' likely behavioral responses; analyzing the effect of tax proposals on the macroeconomy; updating or creating models to assist in analyzing revenue or macroeconomic effects; assisting in crafting legislative proposals; providing written qualitative or quantitative analysis of the potential effects of tax proposals; assisting in writing testimony regarding tax proposals; meeting with Congressional staff or with taxpayers or their representatives to discuss tax proposals; and writing and reporting on the effects of tax proposals, both within JCT and at seminars or conferences.