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Clinical and Translational Science Awards

Clinical and Translational Science Awards

The CTSA program in the NCATS Division of Clinical Innovation supports a national consortium of medical research institutions that work together to improve the way clinical and translational research is conducted nationwide to enhance its efficiency and quality. Its goals are to accelerate the process of translating laboratory discoveries into treatments for patients, to engage communities in clinical research efforts, and to train a new generation of clinical and translational researchers.

Find out more about the CTSA mission and its role in clinical and translational research.

Funding Information

The CTSA program supports funding opportunities including grants that support specialized core clinical research facilities and clinical research training. Through the Division of Clinical Innovation, additional opportunities are available to support small business research collaborations and scientific conferences.

CTSA Training and Career Development

Creating an academic home for clinical and translational science with the resources to train, cultivate and sustain future leaders of the biomedical research workforce is a key goal of the CTSA program.

Engaging Communities in Research

To ensure that broad and unique community health needs are addressed, it is crucial for research institutions to collaborate with community organizations. Through the CTSA program, NCATS has facilitated a broad range of programs that engage communities in dialogue about their health concerns and about clinical research.