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Harold Varmus Speaks at National Press Club

National Cancer Institute Director Harold Varmus, M.D., was a guest of the Morning Newsmaker Program of the National Press Club on Sept. 25, 2012. His presentation was titled “What Impedes Cancer Research?”

Mackall discusses the promises and challenges of pediatric cancer research

Crystal Mackall, M.D., from the Pediatric Oncology Branch in NCI’s Center for Cancer Research, discusses research into pediatric cancers: how they differ from adult cancers, unique challenges, and the importance or pursuing these rarer malignancies.

Changes in cancer rates when health behaviors shift [includes video]

Chart shows lung cancer incidence broken down by race

With the release of 2009 data from NCI’s SEER program on April 16, 2012, experts point to a continuing statistically significant decline in lung cancer mortality for women. This turning point was particularly important, as lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer for both men and women. Lung cancer cases make up nearly a quarter of all cancers deaths in the U.S. A continuation of the trends showing a drop in lung cancer mortality for both sexes would indeed be good news for the health of the nation.