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Zuurbier discusses digital mammography and dense breasts

Rebecca Zuurbier, M.D., Director of Breast Imaging at the Sullivan Center for Breast Health at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., discusses using digital mammography to detect suspicious spots on breast scans and how images of dense breasts can be more challenging than images of fatty breasts for a radiologist to read.

Modeling Different Breast Cancer Screening Strategies


A new study which uses modeling to summarize the benefits and harms of breast cancer screening finds that regular mammography screening for women ages 50 to 74 reduces the risk of dying due to breast cancer, with a smaller benefit for women 40 to 49. False-positives tests and overdiagnosis are of concern for all ages, although false positives are more common for women in their forties, and over-diagnosis is more of a concern for older women.

Cancer Diagnostics: Informing the Development of Tailored Cancer Therapy

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Advances in genetic research are transforming cancer diagnosis, and treatments that are tailored to the specific molecular changes that drive tumor growth are now being developed. Because most cancers result from several genetic mutations, NCI is focusing on developing diagnostic tests that identify a number of genetic markers that can be used to predict a person’s response to specific therapies and inform treatment decisions for these diseases.