CIVIL is a coordinated NIH resource that strives to attain its vision of: "An NIH Work Environment Free of Acts and Threats of Violence". NIH defines workplace violence as: "An action at an NIH facility that, in the opinion of a reasonable person, constitutes a threat of harm to a person or damage to property at an NIH facility; or action that results in intentional infliction of physical harm to a person or actual damage to property at an NIH facility, and includes intimidating or harassing behavior." An employee calling CIVIL will reach a Response Coordinator who collects information on the caller's concern and provides appropriate referrals to the caller and/or coordinates a strategy for response with other members of the response team who represent the Employee Assistance Program, campus police, and the Center for Cooperative Resolution. The CIVIL web site contains valuable information on preventing and responding to workplace violence, and includes links to information on domestic violence.


Contact Information


Any NIH employee with a concern about an incident or threat of violence may call CIVIL. Dial C-I-V-I-L on the Bethesda campus or (301) 402-4845; TTY (301) 402-9499.


If you are afraid or concerned for your immediate safety, call the appropriate law enforcement agency:

  • On the Bethesda campus, dial 911 for the campus police;
  • At other NIH facilities, dial 9-911 for the local police; and
  • At most other locations, dial 911 for the local police.

To learn more about CIVIL, you may visit the web site


Any office or organization wishing a briefing on CIVIL and/or workplace violence may call the Primary Response Coordinator.