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Leveraging Existing Biospecimen Resources to Advance Cancer Epidemiology Research - 3/29/12

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Biospecimen Resources for Population Scientists

Potential Sources of Biospecimens for Investigators

This list provides links to biospecimen resources that may be of interest to cancer epidemiologists, but is not exhaustive. Access to resources is dependent on procedures outlined for each individual study or resource. Availability may depend on suitability of proposed research, collaboration with study investigators, ethical considerations, approval from a steering committee, or availability of samples to perform study.

Compiled Lists and Search Tools for Sources of Biospecimens

Biospecimen Information for NCI-Supported Studies

*This cohort is a member of NCI's Cohort Consortium.

Other Study-Specific Biospecimen Information

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Policies and Best Practices for Biospecimen Research

NIH Biospecimen Resources

Other Resources

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Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) contacts for questions about biospecimens related to cancer epidemiology research:

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Last Updated: 23 Jan 2013

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