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Ready ... or not?

Are you ready to change your drinking?

If so, choose whether to cut down or quit and make a change plan. Don't be surprised if you continue to have mixed feelings. You may need to re-make your decision several times before becoming comfortable with it.

If not, consider these suggestions in the meantime:

  • Keep track of how often and how much you're drinking
  • Notice how drinking affects you
  • Make or re-make a list of pros and cons about changing
  • Deal with other priorities that may be in the way
  • Ask for support from your doctor, a friend, or someone else you trust
  • Take steps to be safe
  • Come back to visit this site from time to time
Don't wait for a crisis or to "hit bottom."
When someone is drinking too much, making a change earlier is likely to be more successful and less destructive to individuals and their families.