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Social support to stop drinking

One potential challenge when people stop drinking is rebuilding a life without alcohol. It may be important to

  • educate family and friends
  • develop new interests and social groups
  • find rewarding ways to spend your time that don't involve alcohol
  • ask for help from others

When asking for support from friends or significant others, be specific. This could include

  • not offering you alcohol
  • not using alcohol around you
  • giving words of support and withholding criticism
  • not asking you to take on new demands right now
  • going to a group like Al-Anon

Consider joining Alcoholics Anonymous or another mutual support group (see resources). Recovering people who attend groups regularly do better than those who do not. Groups can vary widely, so shop around for one that's comfortable. You'll get more out of it if you become actively involved by having a sponsor and reaching out to other members for assistance.