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Clinical Trials Management Systems (CTMS) Workspace

The mission of the Clinical Trials Management Systems workspace within caBIG® is to deliver to the clinical research and care communities the ability to securely gather, exchange, explore, integrate, and reuse data and information within and among disciplines. Access CTMS Newcomer Information.

What We Offer: The Clinical Trials Management Systems (CTMS) Workspace of caBIG® has developed, and is continuing to develop, modular, interoperable and standards-based software tools designed to meet diverse clinical trials management needs. The tools developed are configurable to work with trial sites with little or no clinical data management systems in place as well as those with robust systems, and take into account the diversity of clinical research activities and local practices that exist among trial sites.

Participant Shortcuts and Materials

Workspace Schedule

CTMS Workspace Call
(2nd Tuesday of every month from 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST)
Teleconference Information: Dial in: 888-748-4891 Passcode: 99353
Adobe Connect Information: URL:

To join the mailing list for this call, please join the CTMS Listserv

This call will provide community members updates on the CTMS workspace as a whole including items such as its goals, mission, and objectives. This call will also cover overarching items such as NCI mandates, the caBIG annual meeting, interactions with the FDA, and the caBIG CDMS program.  The final 30 minutes of this call will always be devoted to an "open forum" discussion where community members may ask questions, make comments or provide feedback regarding the CTMS workspace and its efforts.

Contact Information

Product Shortcuts

Infrastructure: Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group (BRIDG) Model

Policies, Guidelines & Whitepapers

Clinical Trials Suite

The caBIG® Clinical Trials Suite is a modular enterprise clinical trials management system designed to facilitate clinical workflows and data sharing in single and multi-site settings. Being designed primarily for use in trial sites, the suite is comprised of a collection of interoperable modules covering a broad range of key areas in clinical trials management. These include:

  • Study participant registration (via C3PR)
  • Patient scheduling (via PSC)
  • Adverse event management and reporting (via caAERS)
  • Exchange of clinical laboratory data and other clinical data (via caBIG Integration Hub (formerly caXchange) and LabViewer)
  • Protocol, person, and organization management (via NCI Enterprise Services)
  • Integration with clinical data management systems (via a series of Connectors)

Archived CTMS Community Calls

Looking for information from the CTMS, Product, Project or Interoperability calls or the CTMS Special Interest Groups (SIG) meetings? These calls have been replaced; the information from these calls has been moved and can be found by accessing the CTMS Archive Page.

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