NLM Toxicology Tutorials

The Toxicology Tutors and ToxLearn were developed to provide users of NLM’s toxicology databases with a working knowledge of basic toxicology principles. The tutorials are written at the introductory college student level.

Toxicology Tutors  (also called Tox Tutors)

You can download the tutorials to run from your computer. Each tutorial is made up of about 800 files. You will need the WINZIP® utility to open the zipped files.


ToxLearn is an update to and expansion of the Toxicology Tutors. Module I: Basic Principles and Dose-Response is the first module available.

ToxLearn modules will be published as they are completed. Both Tox Tutor and ToxLearn will be available while ToxLearn is finished.

You will need Adobe Flash Player to run ToxLearn.