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CanCORS Current Status

During the initial funding period, the CanCORS Consortium collected standardized data from two population-based lung cancer and colorectal cancer cohorts of approximately 5,000 patients each. Extensive information was collected about medical care received by the patients over the initial acute treatment phase along with information on the clinical and patient-reported outcomes experienced by the patients during this phase. Baseline and follow-up patient surveys were conducted at approximately 4 and 12 months post-diagnosis, respectively. In addition, standardized data from approximately 4,400 health care providers and approximately 1,600 informal caregivers, as well as salient clinical data from medical records, were collected.

During the second funding period, the Consortium is conducting a detailed assessment of the quality of follow-up care and health outcomes among longer-term survivors of lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Dissemination of CanCORS data and data collection instruments is also a distinct objective.


The organization and aims of CanCORS are described in the following publications from the Consortium:

  • Ayanian JZ, Chrischilles EA, Wallace RB, Fletcher RH et al. Understanding cancer treatment and outcomes: The Cancer Care and Outcomes Research and Surveillance Consortium. J Clin Oncol 2004;22(15):2992-6. [View Full Text]External Web Site Policy
  • Malin JL, Ko C, Ayanian JZ, Harrington D et al. Understanding cancer patients' experience and outcomes: development and pilot study of the Cancer Care and Outcomes Research and Surveillance patient survey. Support Care Cancer 2006;14(8):837-48. [View Abstract]
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology. Strengthening the evidence base for quality care across diverse populations. ASCO News & Forum 2006;January:30-2. [View Full Text (PDF)]External Web Site Policy
  • Keating NL, Zaslavsky AM, Herrinton LJ, Selby JV, Wolf RE, Ayanian JZ. Quality of Diabetes Care Among Cancer Survivors With Diabetes. Med Care 2007 Sep;45(9):869-75. [View Abstract]External Web Site Policy

Publications are available. Additional manuscripts are in development and are forthcoming.

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