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Enacted Bills and Adopted Regulations

This section of the APIS Web site provides information on alcohol-related bills and regulations enacted or adopted in the United States (at both State and Federal levels), in 2002 and 2003.  For 2002, coverage includes all bills and regulations; a brief narrative summary of the bill or regulation; the full text of that bill or regulation; and the full text of statutory or regulatory code(s) as amended by that bill or regulation.  For 2003, coverage is limited to bills and does not include the full text of amended statutes.  Coverage for additional years is not currently being added.  All enacted bills and adopted regulations are assigned to one or more alcohol-related policy areas (using the Alcohol Policy Classification System developed for APIS).  Users may search for bills and/or regulations by jurisdiction, year, alcohol policy area(s), other dimensions, and words appearing in the full text.

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