Time and Attendance

Q- Who is my timekeeper?

A- Please check with your immediate supervisor.

Q- If I have a timekeeping issue who do I contact?

A- Contact your timekeeper.

Q- If my timekeeper is unable to resolve an issue who do I contact?

A- Contact your Administrative Officer.


Q- I have submitted a telework application, how will I be notified of approval?

A- When all reviewers have approved your application, you will receive an email notifying you that your telework application has been approved.

Q- How do I obtain a copy of my agreement?

A- You must (1) log on the Telework Online system at http://twa.od.nih.gov(2) enter your network username and password and click on Login, (3) from the Application Homepage click on the Application ID; once the application opens click on Print.

Q- When my telework day falls on a holiday do I get to telework the next day?

A- No, you may not transfer your scheduled telework to another day .

Q- What is the maximum time frame for a telework agreement or renewal?

A- An initial telework agreement or renewal cannot exceed one year.

Q- Since the approval of my agreement I have had an official change in position and responsibilities, is my agreement still valid?

A- No, a change in job title, duties and responsibilities requires a new agreement. An application to cover the new position and duties should be submitted for review as soon as you are notified by HR of the effective date for the change.

Q- Is there a standard form employees must use to document work assignments?

A- No, each office manager determines how he/she will assess work products.

Q- Are there any policy guidelines allowing contractors to telework?

A- Contractors may telework if permitted by the terms of their contract, but those arrangements must be negotiated separately with the contractor’s employer and official (non-Federal) supervisor, in agreement with the NIH supervisor as applicable.

Alternative Work Schedules

Q- What type of alternative work schedules are offered in OALM?

A- OALM offers (1) Compressed Work Schedule 5/4-9; (2) Compressed Work Schedule 4-10; (3) Flexible Work Schedule – Flexitour; and(4) Flexible Work Schedule – Gliding. Each Director has determined the schedules available for their components. Check with your supervisor on the schedules available for your office.

Q- My supervisor has agreed that I may change my regular 8 hour work schedule to a compressed work schedule. When will this change be reflected in ITAS?

A- Once the OALM Alternative Work Schedule Agreement is submitted to your timekeeper and entered in ITAS, the tour change will take affect the next pay period.