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Bogalusa Heart Study (BHS)

Clinical Trials URL:
Study Type: Epidemiology Study
Prepared on October 1, 2008
Last Updated on January 27, 2006
Study Dates: 1972-2002
Consent: Unrestricted Consent
Commercial Use Restrictions: No
NHLBI Division: DCVS
Collection Type: Open BioLINCC Study - See bottom of this webpage for request information


To investigate the early natural history of cardiovascular disease in a cohort of children and young adults in a biracial, semirural community.


Lifestyle attributes such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, and a high-fat, high calorie diet, begin in childhood and are established risk factors for cardiovascular disease. While clinical cardiovascular disease occurs later in life, the characteristics of atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes can be present in childhood. The Bogalusa Heart Study began in 1973 as a long term study of the early natural history of cardiovascular disease in a semirural parish of Bogalusa, Louisiana. More than 16,000 individuals, many with multiple exams, have participated in the Bogalusa Heart Study. Subjects have ranged in age from birth to 38 years.


The Bogalusa dataset includes 11,796 participants that attended at least one of seven cross-sectional pediatric exams and/or the 1995-96 adult examination. Subjects were ranged in age from 3 to 20 years at the pediatric exams and 20-37 at the time of the adult exam.


The examination included standardized questionnaires to determine education, occupation, smoking habits, family medical history, reproductive history, and physical activity. Examination components include blood pressure, anthropometry, lipid profile, and other blood lab values.