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Teleconferences Teleconferences take place on a regular basis and are the primary means of collaboration for caBIG® projects. They are listed in the Calendar, Weekly Update on NCI’s Informatics Program, and announced to project participants via individual project listservs.
Face-to-Face Meetings Workspaces gather for face-to-face meetings periodically over the course of the year. These meetings provide the opportunity for members to tackle specific issues that are best accomplished together in real time, receive updates, and discuss accomplishments, upcoming tasks and future goals. These are announced in Weekly Update on NCI’s Informatics Program and distributed through the caBIG® Announce Listserv.

Older Face-to-Face Meeting materials are available through their respective Workspace.
Annual Meetings The caBIG® community gathers annually to celebrate successes and address caBIG®-wide and cross-workspace topics, demonstrate emerging and available products including software tools, databases, prototypes, white papers, and development models. Interested individuals are welcome at this meeting. Special sessions are offered for newcomers. There is no charge.
Training Calendar View the training calandar in the Learning Management System (LMS). The caBIG® LMS is your central resource for finding out about training programs, registering for classes, tracking your progress, and staying informed about training offerings. You will need to create an account before signing up for classes and accessing specific modules, but you can see the class listings without an account to see what’s available first.
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