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The Recording Studio

If you have access to a piano, organ, or xylophone, print the music and follow our guide to learn to play these songs.

Row Your Boat (music)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (music)

Don't have a piano? Find a singing partner and learn to sing in rounds!


  • Singing in rounds means groups start singing a song at different times.
  • Find a partner, or if there are more than two people, split into two groups.
  • One person (or the first group) starts to sing, "Row, row, row your boat."
  • When the end of the first line is reached, the second person (or group) begins to sing while the first person continues.
  • Continue singing as long you like!
  • How many times can you go in a round? What other songs can be sang in rounds?
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Updated on 3/21/2012