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Are you getting Social Security, VA or other federal benefits by paper check? You are required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013. It's the law.

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U.S. Treasury Requires Electronic Federal Benefit Payments

If you still receive a paper check for your Social Security or other federal benefit payments, you are required by law to switch to an electronic payment method by March 1, 2013. You can choose to get your payments by direct deposit to a bank or credit union account or to a Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® card account.

Act now to get your money safely and quickly – on time, every time!

  • Already getting federal benefit payments by paper check? Switch today!
    You must switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013. Sign up for direct deposit or the Direct Express® card by contacting the U.S. Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at (800) 333-1795. You may also sign up for direct deposit online.
  • Retiring or applying for federal benefits soon? Be ready.
    You will get your money electronically from day one. Be ready to choose direct deposit or the Direct Express® card when you fill out your application. Learn More

If you do not choose an electronic payment option by March 1, 2013, you will be out of compliance with the law and may receive your payments via the Direct Express® card.

If you are already receiving your federal benefit payments electronically, this change will not affect you.

Learn whether you could qualify for an exception.

See the meaning of key words used on this website and find answers to questions often asked about electronic payments.




The Treasury Department's Go Direct® public education campaign is helping educate federal benefit recipients about the new electronic payments requirement and what it means for them.

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