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Notes from the Meetings of the IC Deputy Ethics Counselors (DECs) and Ethics Coordinators (EC)

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Notes are in web page (html) format. Most of the attached material is in pdf format unless otherwise noted following the document description.

Conference call information: Please note that there is a limited number of lines available. Officials in the same Ethics Office should call in together on one line when possible.
Phone Number: 1-866-831-3924
Passcode: 5718811#

Meeting Dates and Topics

November 5, 2012

OGE Publishes PRA Notice Creating the OGE Form 201-A; Use of HHS Grant Funds to pay for NIH employee registration; Representing Bonds on 278-T, Equal Classification Determinations; Discussing Collaborations in EA/EU; Coordination of Pre-Clearances between IC/NEO; Case Study from Annual Training

February 6, 2012 Emoluments Clause/FGDA Chart distributed; 278 FOIA update; 278 Pre-clearance reminder. NEES Role (POC) presentation. Case Studies: 1) Loans between employees; 2) Outside activity with potential grantee; 3) Awards. Posted 2/7/12
November 7, 2011 SGEs and Committee Management; Revised NEAC policy; Awards' written selection criteria; Case studies involving gifts between employees and PI submitting an official duty manuscript to a journal which is edited by the PI submitting the manuscript.
October 3, 2011 Award review; Outside Activities and part-tiime employees; Whistleblower sessions at the OGE conference; WAG Exception vs. 348 Authority; Anti-Lobbying Act; Emoluments Clause. Includes link to the materials from the two Whistleblower sessions at the OGE Conference
June 6, 2011 Advisory Committee & Editorial Board Service; Gift scenario; HHS-520 scenario; SGEs-Emoluments and FGDA. Announcements re: OGE-278 due date, increased FGDA gift amount and gift reporting threshold for OGE-278 and OGE-450, FOIA request for OGE-278s. Links to slides, gift scenario background, Federal Register notice, and FOIA request instructions. Posted 7/6/11
May 2, 2011 WAGs; OGE-278 extensions; IPAs & 18 USC 208; speaking engagement at a university on topic of book previously written under approved 520; award scenario. Links to WAG scenario & DAEOgram, and summary of OGE-278 extensions. Posted 7/6/11
April 4, 2011 Award vs. paid lecture; Honorary Degree gifts; when a 520 is needed; sector mutual fund; 207 restrictions and IPAs; reporting iPod Apps
March 7, 2011 Tracking hours for 520s; foreign private foundations; awards analysis sheet; HHS Supplemental Regulations amendment; NEAC Ex Officio members. (Posted 4/12/11)
February 7, 2011 Emoluments Clause and FGDA; 204(d) and gifts of attendance at awards ceremony; Pre-clearance issues; Revisions to 5501; Awards review process, including link to Award Analysis Sheet (Word)
January 10, 2011 Clarification of preclearance process for OGE-450 filer acting in an OGE-278 position. NEES updates summarized.
December 6, 2010 Clarification of Gifts (revised slides) (handout format, pdf, not compliant), 450 Filing Criteria, combined ODA and authorization memo. Case Study: Developing apps for smart phone.
November 1, 2010 Letters of Recommendation, Gifts Between Employees, and Gifts from Outside Sources. PowerPoint presentation (rev 12/6/10) in handout format (pdf, not compliant)
October 4, 2010 Gift case studies: NIH Research Festival free lunch and employee party
August 16, 2010 4 gift scenarios

Updated: 11/9/12