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[EHR Incentive Programs] My practice does not typically collect information on any of the core, alternate core, and additional clinical quality measures (CQMs) listed in the Final Rule on the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. Do I need to report on CQMs for which I do not have any data?

EPs are not excluded from reporting clinical quality measures, but zero is an acceptable value for the CQM denominator. If there were no patients who met the denominator population for a CQM, then the EP would report a zero for the denominator and a zero for the numerator. For the core measures, if the EP reports a zero for the core measure denominator, then the EP must report results for up to three alternate core measures (potentially reporting on all 6 core/alternate core measures). For the menu-set measures, we expect the EP to report on measures which do not have a denominator of zero. If none of the measures in the menu set applies to the EP, then the EP must report on three of such measures, reporting a denominator of zero, and then attest that the remainder of the menu-set measures have a value of zero in the denominator. As we stated in the final rule (75 FR 44409-10): "The expectation is that the EHR will automatically report on each core clinical quality measure, and when one or more of the core measures has a denominator of zero then the alternate core measure(s) will be reported. If all six of the clinical quality measures in Table 7 have zeros for the denominators (this would imply that the EPs patient population is not addressed by these measures), then the EP is still required to report on three additional clinical measures of their choosing from Table 6 in this final rule. In regard to the three additional clinical quality measures, if the EP reports zero values, then for the remaining clinical quality measures in Table 6 (other than the core and alternate core measures) the EP will have to attest that all of the other clinical quality measures calculated by the certified EHR technology have a value of zero in the denominator, if the EP is to be exempt from reporting any of the additional clinical quality measures (other than the core and alternate core measures) in Table 6." 

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