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The World Around Us

Exploring nature brings awe and wonder into children's lives. Studies show that experiencing nature is an important ingredient for physical, academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Making a connection to nature heightens children's curiosity and develops a desire to explore the world around them. With this knowledge, children learn to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Use nature and children's natural curiosity and love of the outdoors to develop:

  • Mathematics concepts
    Children count, order, match, and classify rocks, leaves, flowers, seeds, nuts.
  • Language concepts
    Children describe differences in color, shape, and position—in, out, over, under, around, through.
  • Science concepts
    Children follow animal tracks, find animal habitats, watch plants and animals change and grow, discover shadows—learning when they are longest and shortest, experience the seasons and the changes they bring, and strengthen their powers of observation.
  • Social Studies concepts
    Children connect with the world and the people and animals that live in it, learn to take responsibility, and develop sensitivity and caring.


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Updated on 3/21/2012