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Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network

Modeling to guide public health research and priorities

Standardized Model Documents

Overview Documents

The Overview Documents provide a general description of the model profiles, and the standardized format allows information to be easily compared between models. More specific aspects of the model are provided in the detail documents.

Document Purpose
Model Overview Document An overview of the entire modeling effort, including the questions the model was designed to answer.
Model Purpose Document A description of the primary and secondary purposes and problems the model was designed for.
Parameter Overview Document An overview of the parameters that inform the model. Specific parameter values are not documented here, only the broad inputs in the domain of the model.
Assumption Overview Document A preliminary overview for the model's assumptions, both explicit and implicit.
Component Overview Document An important summary of the model's major process components.
Output Overview Document An introduction to the types of outputs generated by the model.
Result Overview Document A starting point or "reader's guide" to the various model results.