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Standardized Model Documents

Detail Documents

The detail documents pick up where the overview documents leave off. They provide a more fine-grained view of specific aspects of the model. While there is only one overview document of each type, there may be multiple detail documents of the same type in a single model profile.

Document Purpose
Assumption Document This document will provide a central location for an in-depth treatment of assumptions on which the model is built.
Parameter Document The goal of a parameter document is to inform the reader of items in the mathematical domain of the model, the sources used, pre-processing and the form particular parameters take and their use in the modeling process.
Parameter Instance Document This document class provides a forum for providing actual parameter values used in simulation. For any given parameter, there may be several values used in different scenarios.
Parameter Set Document This document will provide a template for the modeler to reference any number of parameter instances and describe why they are chosen to implement a particular scenario.
Component Document Component documents describe certain individual elements of the simulation process in the model.
Component Instance Document Occasionally, a model may employ one of several optional elemental processes. This document type is similar to the Parameter Instance Document, but describes a process rather than a parameter.
Component Set Document This document allows the modeler to enumerate a set of component instances and explain their combined use.
Output Document The purpose of this document is to clearly define a given output the model produces.
Output Instance Each model run will produce specific model results or outputs. This document allows documentation of specific values produced by the model.
Result Document A result is a set of output instances produced by a given run.
Version Document This document will provide a connection between the current version of the model and previous versions.