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Scientific Interest Groups

About Scientific Interest Groups at NIH

NIH Inter-Institute Interest Groups are assemblies of scientists with common research interests. These groups are divided into seven broad, process-oriented parent groups, or faculties, and more than 30 smaller, more focused groups centered on particular research models, subjects or techniques. The latter groups are initiated and run by scientists in the Intramural and Extramural Research Programs at NIH.

The interest groups sponsor symposia, poster sessions and lectures; offer mentoring and career guidance for junior scientists; help researchers share the latest techniques and information; act as informal advisors to the Deputy Director of Intramural Research (DDIR); provide advice for the annual NIH Research Festival; and serve as hosts for the Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series. Many of these groups are cosponsored by neighboring academic and government institutions and welcome interested non-NIH scientists.

Information about group activities or new groups is published in The NIH Catalyst and on the DDIR Web Board (NIH staff only). Some central coordination for the groups is provided by the Office of Intramural Research.

This page last reviewed on March 9, 2011

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