Resources and Tools

Gene & Protein Expression

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Gene Expression Databases

  • An ongoing contract to map gene expression in the mouse nervous system by generating transgenic mice that carry a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) harboring the gene of interest and an EGFP reporter.
  • GENSAT also generates BAC Cre-driver lines to serve as tools for cell-specific genetic manipulations in the nervous system.
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Non-Human Primate Brain Atlas
A Blueprint-Funded Resource
  • The Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle, Washington) is under contract to conduct a high throughput analysis of gene expression in the developing Rhesus macaque brain. Under a subcontract, the University of California Davis is collecting and preparing Rhesus macaque brain tissue for gene expression analysis.
  • A publicly accessible gene expression map of the macaque brain is being released in stages. This project will serve as an important link between efforts to map gene activity in the mouse brain and similar efforts to map the human brain.
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  • A project that uses Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing (MPSS) to map the gender-specific expression of mRNA transcripts in a variety of adult mouse tissues.


  • Generates low-cost antibodies for the study of proteins found in mammalian brain.
  • The Blueprint Resources Antibodies Initiative for Neurodevelopment (BRAINdev) is funding the targeted manufacture and distribution of monoclonal antibodies for neurodevelopment research. A list of antibody targets in progress can be found at under Current Projects.

Microarray Facilities

  • Samples from multiple tissues across the rodent life span are provided on a single slide.